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Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. was founded in 1987 with the goal of delivering high-quality, reliable, user-friendly, affordable custom software to small and medium-size businesses and organizations. Since then, we have built an extensive track record of successful projects, from electronic questionnaires and multi-user databases to UNIX and Windows utilities.

In 1995, we expanded into developing Web sites, back-end databases, specialized hosting, and e-commerce.

What We Do

  • Design and develop custom stand-alone and client-server applications for Microsoft Windows in C, C++, SQL, Java, Delphi, Access and Visual Basic.
  • Design and develop custom applications for UNIX, Linux and BSD in C, C++, PHP, Java and Perl.
  • Provide general consulting and recommendations on system or software development issues.
  • Remote administration of UNIX, Linux, or BSD systems.
  • Provide subcontracting services to software and Web development firms.
  • Create and host private, secure corporate intranet sites that incorporate on-line forums, databases, email, and software or document downloads.
  • Design and implement public Web sites — from static home pages to dynamic, database-driven e-commerce systems.

    Note: "Delphi" is a trademark of Inprise Corp. "Access", "Microsoft Windows" and "Visual Basic" are trademarks of Microsoft.



Our head office in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

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